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Conference Room Tables & Seating

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OFUSA Value Series


OFUSA oval-shaped conference table - 6', 8' or 10'.  Self-edge slab bases - Stretcher stabilizer system - Available in Mahogany (MAH) or Cherry (CHE).


OFVSBON135____ 72x36x29.5 Your OF/USA Price... $209
OFVSBON136_____ 96x43x29.5 Your OF/USA Price... $289
OFVSBON137_____ 120x48x29.5 Your OF/USA Price... $389



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Governor's Series


Wood Classics Rectangular table - 6', 8' or 10'. High-gloss, high-pressure laminate top - Wood veneer edge - Twin slab end bases - Available in Mahogany finish Warranty:  Lifetime



735093 72x36x30 Your OF/USA Price... $799
735094 96x44x30 Your OF/USA Price... $939
735095 120x46x30 Your OF/USA Price... $1309




Tiffany Industries Corsica Series


Tiffany Industries Conference Tables - 6', 7', 8' & 10'. - Elegant veneer with 2" thick top - Veneer surface protected by two coats of high-tech catalyzed lacquer - Available in Sierra Cherry (CRY) or Mahogany (MAH). Warranty:  Lifetime


OFCTC72___ 72x36x29-1/2

Your OF/USA Price... $849

OFCTC84___ 84x42x29-1/2

Your OF/USA Price... $999

OFCTC96___ 96x42x29-1/2 Your OF/USA Price... $1239
OFCTC120___ 120x89x29-1/2 Your OF/USA Price... $1789



Keswick Series


Stylish, traditional, expandable conference tables - 8', 10' 12', 14' or 16' - Pilaster slab end panels with solid wood moldings - Inlay veneer table top - Solid wood base - Cherry finish.



Boat Shaped Expandable Conference Tables

OF799096EX 96x48x30 Your OF/USA Price... $1619
OF7990120EX 120x48x30 Your OF/USA Price... $1819
OF7990144EX 144x48x30 Your OF/USA Price... $2459
OF7990168EX 168x48x30 Your OF/USA Price... $2679
OF7990192EX 192x48x30 Your OF/USA Price... $3239

Rectangular Expandable Conference Tables

OF799096REX 96x48x30 Your OF/USA Price... $1569
OF7990120REX 120x48x30 Your OF/USA Price... $1739
OF7990144REX 144x48x30 Your OF/USA Price... $2409
OF7990168REX 168x48x30 Your OF/USA Price... $2599
OF7990192REX 192x48x30 Your OF/USA Price... $3189






Office Furniture USA Value Series Conference Seating
High-Back Mid-Back High-Back Mid-Back High-Back
Your OF/USA Price...$129 Your OF/USA Price...$129 Your OF/USA Price...$139 Your OF/USA Price...$159 Your OF/USA Price...$169



Value Plus Captain's Chair


Boss Office Products Guest/side chair with or without casters - Mahogany finish - Available in Black (BK), Oxblood (OX) or Blue (BE) vinyl. Warranty: 6 Years.


OFVSBOB9545__ Your OF/USA Price...$125 With Casters
OFVSBOB9540__ Your OF/USA Price...$119 Without Casters



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